What now?

A lot, and not a lot, has happened since my last update.

The last six weeks have been monumentally changed. Stopped has my capacity to freely explore this urban jungle and what’s more is my appreciation of the outdoors in general.

The growth of a global pandemic has grounded Toronto to a halt. From a selfish perspective, it sucks. Do I understand? Of course.

We’re currently living in a desperate time. Across the globe we’re seeing the devastating impact of this virus and how crucially important it is to do whatever we can to slow the spread and give our healthcare systems a fighting chance.

If I had a list of expectations for the months following my arrival at Toronto Pearson back in January I would never have imagined anything like this happening.

So what’s happened since my trip to Montreal? Short answer: not a lot.

I moved into an apartment in downtown Toronto, in a great location on Queen Street West, which is surrounded by exciting looking eateries and bars. All to be enjoyed once stay at home protocols are lifted.

I’ve signed a lease for the next year so I’ll be calling this city home for the foreseeable future. I’m excited about the prospect of that and whilst waiting for this to all blow over I’ll continue to look for work and try to stay productive during a crisis.

How about some of the positives from March?

We’ve seen the last of the snow, the beginning of spring with temperatures slowly rising from below freezing and the sun making more appearances. You know, just the perfect indoor weather.

Between leaving Montreal and Ontario declaring a state of emergency to deal with COVID-19 there were a number of occasions where I was really enjoying being in Toronto. Surrounded by great people. Usually involving alcohol. Shock.

From pancake day to weekend parties with Dan R, Ruby and G. The three hour wait to sit down for a curry that was beyond worth it. Monday Night Wings post-training with teammates from Toronto Saracens. It might not sound like a lot but I wouldn’t have changed any of it.

As anticipated by many of us, St Patrick Day’s weekend was the last chance to get together before bars and clubs started shutting their doors for the time being. Seeing as there seems to be more Irish people than Canadians in Toronto, it was a fun way to end things for now.

Running and working out to get ready for a rugby season with no definitive start date is becoming a regular occurrence. Alongside everybody taking up running for the first time in years, Strava is probably my most used app.

FaceTime’s, Saturday’s spent drinking on houseparty and Football Manager 20 made my screen time sky rocket 144% from one week to the next but it’s been a great way of catching up with old friends. So yeah, I guess, thanks corona.

It’s safe to say the year of March 2020 was a bit of a write off and I can’t see April being much better. But for now I’m healthy, my family and friends are healthy and I have a stable roof over my head. So looking on the bright side, it could be going much worse.

Whilst we all wait to see what happens over the next few weeks I will continue to keep my fingers crossed for open patios, rugby season starting and trips over to the islands during the summer. Mainly to keep me sane through the current boredom.

But there’s two things I’ve learnt from this situation. I really miss sports and I really really regret not getting my haircut.

That’s it for now.

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